1917 – Review

To nobody’s surprise, this movie is absolutely incredible. Between the cinematography, the score, the sets, everything is fantastic. The shots are beautiful and the score perfectly compliments each scene. This is a two hour long movie and it never once feels like it.

The pacing is great. You are following the same character throughout the film while the background continues to change. The background would feel very dead or very alive depending on what was needed. The depictions of war in this movie feel so much different than other war movies. This was a suspense war movie instead of your average action war movie. The details that are in scenes are insane. You truly get a feel for just how horrible the conditions were back then and just how miserable it must have felt. This movie brings a sense of stress and tension throughout and never once lets up.

Overall, Mendes absolutely delivered on this one. I would absolutely say that this is a must watch.


Written by: Manny Talancon

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